Keeping your assets safe online.

We track down and eliminate illegal copies of your assets through our technology platform. Our goal is to minimize the negative impact that such infringements have on your sales and brand reputation.

In Smart Protection we protect
your assets online


With our technology platform you are able to obtain a +95% effectiveness rate regarding the elimination of detected infractions.


We adapt to your needs at every instance through our versatile platform. We look for adjusted solutions to your company's needs.


24/7 access to our Cloud platform with real-time information regarding the protection of your assets.

Our technology

We detect possible infractions gathering and storing vast quantities of information through Big Data procedures. Thanks to advanced machine learning techniques we analyze and classify this information. We quickly eliminate infringements and sites with a broader distribution of those due to our Google and social media platforms partnerships.

We are one of the few Google TCRP (Trusted Copyright Removal Program) member companies counting with the necessary certifications within social networks in order to delist and eliminate links leading to illegal contents.

Online monitoring


We find the pirated file in illicit download and/or streaming websites and we eliminate it.

P2P Torrent

We monitor Torrent sites leading to illegal copies hosted on P2P (Peer To Peer) to delist them.

Social Networks

We find posts with links leading to possible illegal copies. We are one of the few companies specialized in social media.

Search Engines

We delist within minutes URLs leading to illicit contents on Google due to our TCRP certification.


We track down content of apps that could market or distribute illicit content in order to eliminate posts, users or pirate groups.


We analyze content on online stores to look for counterfeits and we classify it by risk level to prioritize the elimination.

Specialized protection

Brand and items protection.

This service is designed for industrial and intellectual property protection for the threatened sectors by counterfeits or improper usages of the brand. Fashion, sports, beauty and cosmetics, furniture, lighting, toys, electronics, groceries, pharmacy, automotive…

Audiovisual content protection

This service is designed for the audiovisual sector with the objective of resolving different issues producers, distributers, majors, live broadcasting emissions and TV channels face.

Live Events Protection

This service is designed to protect companies who own broadcasting rights for live events, resolving a variety of issues that live broadcasting emissions and TV channels face.

Editorial content protection.

This service is designed for the publishing sector. Smart protection from novel, academic literature, textbooks, newspapers and comic piracy.

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